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How long is the delivery time?
How long is the delivery time?

What is the delivery time

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Delivery times for the various countries are as follows:

Belgium: 2 days
Denmark: 1-2 days
Finland: 2-4 days
France: 2-3 days
The Netherlands: 2 days
Ireland: 3-5 days
Italy: 3-5 days
Luxembourg: 2-3 days
Norway: 2-6 days
Poland: 2-4 days
Portugal: 3-6 days
Switzerland: 3-5 days
Spain: 3-6 days
Sweden: 1-2 days(Cities),2-6 days (rest of country)
Czech Republic: 2-3 days
Germany: 1-2 days
Austria: 2-5 days
UK: 2-4 days

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